“Absolutely professional in every aspect – I would thoroughly recommend them to any business no matter what sector. Not only are they hugely experienced, but also fully up to date with today’s technology and how it can be made to work for you. Hire them!”Scott Garson, Cartmell Shepherd

Who we are & why we collaborate on training

“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners ….
What unites us is far greater than what divides us.”President John F. Kennedy

However corny it may sound, shared values (and a similar need to throw heart, soul and the kitchen sink at whatever we are working on) brought us to a point where we began to collaborate on more and more projects. Although we still maintain our independent businesses and our own clients, we work closely on training and project management with a range of businesses based predominantly in Cumbria. Best of both worlds…. and from client feedback, we feel we bring a range of skills, dynamics and ideas to each assignment. We love what we do. The quote above seemed to sum the collaboration up.

  • Kate Wilson worked in retail and international publishing for many years, before moving to Cumbria with her family. She put her marketing and sales experience into a successful career in hospitality, before taking the leap to setting up her own business in 2013, when she established Business Toolbox Cumbria. Kate also designs websites, integrating her passion for visual appeal with expertise in generating engagement and sales. Kate now helps businesses locally and around the UK to make the most of their presence online.
    Kate has worked with both public and private sectors to develop marketing and sales strategies, and has a particular passion for place and tourism promotion.

    Both Kate and Michelle manage Carlisle Ambassadors – another passion of theirs, helping to put Carlisle and Cumbria on the map.

  • Michelle Masters profile Cumbrian TrainingMichelle Masters Consulting was established in September 2009 in Carlisle, Cumbria. Michelle provides professional advice, support and training solutions to all types of business, to help you to get the very best out of your marketing activities. Michelle is a highly skilled marketing and training expert with more than 23 years’ experience covering sales, management and consultancy in the private and public sectors. She is a qualified and respected PTTLS trainer and mentor, and over the years she has helped numerous clients to meet their marketing and training needs.
    Most recently, Michelle has founded and nurtured the highly-successful #cumbriahour event on Twitter, facilitating highly successful online networking which has led to the development of many successful business relationships and profitable introductions.

How we work.

1 We don't have a one size fits all approach. We will discuss what works for you, and come up with the training solution to suit your business. This may be attendance on one of our open courses, or delivery of a tailored course to your team. We can work through what results you want and what fits with your budget to get best outcome for you. If it is to join an open course(s), see step 2 and if tailored training, see step 3. Whatever option is best for you will be supported by pre and post course support.

2 If joining us on one or more of our open courses, you can generally book attendance online. If you are sending more than one person on the same course, complete the form, but we will arrange payment via invoice. We will send a pre-course survey out to attendees a week or so before the course. This ensures that (even though "open"), we are still thinking about delegates' individual needs within the course. This is where we make a difference. We also offer a month's support after the course.

3 When we organise tailored training with you, we ensure that we deliver this after researching how the area of social media or marketing does and will work best in your industry. This involves checking out effective competition, examples of great practice, and also any limitations / protocols that may be important to consider. On a practical front, we will organise the training at your venue or a suitable alternative so that we have all that is needed on the day. We include a month's support following any course.

“The inclusion of a month’s support following training makes all the difference – giving time for practical application of learning”