Update Feb 2017: LinkedIn has changed its platform recently – we are now training with all these alterations in mind. We are also finding work arounds for some of the more interesting features that have been disabled. Who knows? LinkedIn may bring some of them back, but in the meantime…. we’re ensuring you get the most out of the platform as it now stands.

Why LinkedIn? Build awareness for your business, create a winning first impression, showcase your expertise and build the right LinkedIn contacts and connections. This is an interactive session tailored to provide you with the inside track on how to make LinkedIn work for you and your business. Make a fantastic first impression, build your business to business audience and showcase your expertise. The workshop involves discussion, interactive exercises, presentations and practical examples allowing you to apply learning immediately.

Please note we offer this as tailored training to larger business teams, or as open courses so that up to five can attend from one organisation. Our next open course is on 11th May, and you can reserve your place here.

Take a look at the outline below, but remember we tailor our courses to your business needs and the levels of practice and expertise amongst your team. By surveying in advance, we make sure the content really pays back the time you invest in working with us on this excellent business to business platform.

  • An introduction to LinkedIn
  • What is the point of LinkedIn and how can it help your business?
  • How can LinkedIn tie in with your existing marketing policy?
  • Creating the perfect LinkedIn profile. It’s not just about filling in the boxes – we will advise on best language for your target audience, optimising for search engines and more.
  • Your company on LinkedIn – ensuring you make a fantastic first impression on prospective customers and influencers.
  • When and how to use a company page?
  • How LinkedIn networking works, and how that ties in with B2B marketing
  • Power of recommendations on LinkedIn and how to ask for them.
  • LinkedIn groups/forums to showcase your expertise and make the most of them.
  • How to start making connections?
  • How to do LinkedIn searches work? (how to find competitors and potential clients)
    • How to work with the changed search features (2017)
  • LinkedIn etiquette.
  • Paid for services, advertising and more.
  • Content strategy – using status updates to start conversations and establish you as a leader and influencer in your field.
  • Integration of LinkedIn into your existing marketing strategy