Are you new to social media? Or just finding it all a bit overwhelming? We get a number of people asking us to help them find their feet, so that they can then make the right decisions about where to focus their efforts on building their influence online. Finding out which platforms to concentrate on for your industry, and a clear way of managing your social media (and some marketing) energies is a valuable step forward in saving time and money.

We can help you understand:

  • The key essentials of social media marketing
  • Which channels will be most effective for your business
  • How the different platforms work, and how they work together
  • The core activities on main channels that will bring you the best and quickest results
  • The tools that you can use to manage multiple channels at once
  • Where advertising is worth the money and where it quite definitely isn’t
  • Who the best people are to interact with
  • What goals are important and what are basically just “box ticking” and irrelevant
  • What the difference is between return on investment and return on influence
  • How to monitor your results
  • How to integrate your social media into your marketing strategy in an easy and effective way

Our courses are informal and very friendly – you can ask questions, make suggestions, test out ideas or just absorb fundamentals to take you a big step forward with your social media toolbox!

Our next course is on Thursday 23rd March at Dodd Accountants in Carlisle. Book here (special rate for BECBC, Carlisle Ambassadors and for repeat clients.